Zuckerberg Suing Hawaiian Families to Make Them Sell Their Properties


Mark Zuckerberg has stated that he will be suing several Hawaiian families who own land within the perimeters of his $100 million beachfront estate.

The families have been said to possess ancestral rights to the property they are currently situated in.

However Zuckerberg has been said to be suing them in an attempt to make them sell all of their land so he can have a more private enclosure in his estate.

Zuckerberg’s land that makes up about 700 acres is located on the Hawaiian island of Kuai.

Our Home for Centuries

According to what is called the Kuleana Act which was introduced centuries ago in 1850, at least a dozen of the families who are native to these lands possess the rights to still preside on some small areas of the land.

This includes even if a billionaire owns some property within the island, the natives are still entitled to their land nonetheless.

Reports have stated that Zuckerberg apparently filed suits to more than a hundred Hawaiian citizens through several companies that he is in control of.

Since a few of the land owners are reported to have died already, this creates an additional problem to the matter.

The majority of the land possession that comes from the centuries old law is undocumented. This would mean that it would prove to be extremely problematic to trace the owners.

Stopping at Nothing

Due to this matter, it seems that Zuckerberg will go the extra 10 miles in order to fulfill this difficult task.

The team of Zuckerberg will have to involve themselves in an ever more difficult phase for the facts to be revealed.

A thorough tracing of the owners through genealogical records will have to be conducted along with matching them up with currently living residents.

If such a match is found, then a chance will be presented to offer at court.