Zuckerberg Safeguarding the Immigrants Under Trump


Several tech leaders have been on the good side of U.S. President Donald Trump. However, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has decided to call him out for his recent and ongoing controversial policies.

The main policy here is regarding the rather un-American threats that have been set forth towards immigrants within the United States.

In Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook, he states that like several other people, he himself is also worried about the recent policies signed by Mr. Trump.

It goes on by saying that keeping the US safe is the utmost priority, but this would suggest then that they must decide carefully on who exactly poses a major threat to the nation then.

On the Good Side

Zuckerberg then decided to point out the few good sides to Trump’s views, which include Trump expressing his intent on assisting ‘dreamers,’ who are immigrants that arrived within the United States by their parents while they were still young.

The Facebook CEO then expressed how glad he was that President Trump believes that the nation should benefit from individuals who possess major talents and come into the United States.

Zuckerberg then said that the US is an entire nation of immigrants from everywhere, and that is how their nation functions at the highest level and receives its brightest minds.

They Need Them

Facebook consists of scores of immigrants within the US who possess the H-1B visas. Any more restrictions imposed on immigrants in the US can and probably will result in the further prevention of Facebook employing any more talents from immigrants.

Such talent is crucial to their maintenance of the world’s most popular social media service. It has been said that a vital part of Trump’s victory came due to the fact that he took advantage of the fear of American citizens who were less educated.

Such citizens had been seeking a scapegoat in order to know why they were put in financial situations.