Any way possible, people have been attempting to come up with an excuse for the presidential election victory. Currently, people are still posting comments, tweets, and memes about the electoral votes. After you’ve attempted to come up with every rationality for the final results, there has to be someone else you can bring into the picture. Why not the platform that you are using to rant about your disbelief?

The biggest name in the online world for any and every one is also the one being questioned about what took place on late Tuesday/Early Wednesday. With Facebook having an influence on just about everything in this world, many are led to believe that Facebook’s influential powers played a role in the final decision of the elections. Once the assumption made its way to the head of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg simply said it was “crazy”.

Some people claim that false information was being promoted, which influenced the voter’s decision. Nowadays, more than half of the people in U.S. turn to social media for their news. And, Facebook is the largest name in social media. A lot of the news is delivered by respected sources (e.g. CNN), but you also have false information that is shared amongst users and businesses.

A lot of individuals and organizations take advantage of these types of events, for marketing purposes. They want to obtain popularity and generate more traffic, by any means necessary. This leads to promoting false information, if necessary. There are false posts and articles that lie about deaths, imprisonment, and crimes. One of the biggest faux articles talked about an FBI agent being murdered, during the email situation that involved Hillary Clinton. Many want to say that the false information influences users, like the various ads on Facebook influence others to generate sales. Zuckerberg responds by simply saying, the voters deserve more credit.