YouTube’s music head confirms combination of YouTube Red and Google Play Music


It could be recalled that Google merged their Play Music and YouTube teams in February to enhance productivity. That gave an insight that Google was gearing efforts towards launching a single music service that would make their offering simpler. The merger has been confirmed by the head of music of YouTube.

YouTube’s music head speaks at the New Music Seminar

According to The Verge, Lyor Cohen, YouTube’s head of music stated the combination of the two services during the New Music Seminar. It was gathered that Cohen pointedly said that the essential thing is to have YouTube Red and Google Play Music work as one to offer a better service – this was following the questions why YouTube Red is going down in popularity.

The mode of operation of the Google’s music has remained unclear – a monthly subscription of $9.99 grants access to a music library of 40 million songs in Play Music and music video playback in YouTube without any ad.

Possible benefits of the merge

Likewise, YouTube Red offers some other advantages like offline playback of clips, background play and access to shows and movies created by YouTube makers. However, that is not contained in the yet-to-spread TV service by YouTube that is available in about 15 markets across the U.S.

The Play Music suits the standard idea of a music app that can play local files and create playlists with smart AI that can suggest tracks by time and other factors. It also has the music locker that allows the user to upload songs to cloud storage.

Google pointed out that it would make for simpler negotiations with record labels – as made know in February when the merger was announced. Hopes are high that merging will cause a more coherent and better music product.