Xbox one of the main update features a new home screen is now for some


All of this will be released as part of the update later this year. However, begin the Xbox Insider in the alpha ring to see the changes today, with more Insider members receiving updates in the coming weeks.

Check out what the Xbox One’s interface will soon be like

At the same time, a tape is set up to enable or disable the game mode directly from the Windows 10 Game Tray. Also, it will be easier to customize the sound mixer and Windows, a new option to solve the Xbox Live network problem transmits 10 Setup menu items.

Despite Revision of UI Xbox One March, Microsoft has seen a more accurate interface version. Among other things, this includes a new home screen that focuses on speed, personalization, and expression.

From this place, you can move to other screens of your choice below. You can save a friend as a “block content” that creates one of those screens that different things can accommodate the game or Xbox Live. These are not always the same: the content of the block game contains a link to your Game Hub and the activity entry of game-generated food games, friends who play, a podium that has won close and fast. You can also choose to have a screen that you can choose to get from the title of an Xbox gaming or needle or it contains not only the initial home screen.

“The team is always pushing for Xbox experience to grow faster,” Mike Ybarra told Microsoft. “In this version, we’ve eliminated the waiting time between home, social, and my games and apps, which they experience in the consolidation panel’s operational experience: I think there is no more initial screenplay you’ve got for fun faster.”

The guide will also change again, as with previous updates, is the speed of gravity. In this version, flanges are horizontal, not current vertical and have an “action center” that has a link to system configuration, among others.