Wounded Trooper Saved By Armed Passerby


A shooting that took place on the Interstate 10 located near Tonopah resulted in a trooper from the Department of Public Safety being shot was saved by a rather rare set of coincidence as a passerby who was armed had just happened to stop at the scene of the incident at precisely the right time and shot the suspect.

The incident had all taken place around 4:30 am on Thursday, as a distress call had been made to 911 in which a driver had requested for help as he claimed that his car was being shot at.

As the 27 year old trooper arrived to the scene, he had come upon an accident of a vehicle that was rolled over, in which he then proceeded to set up flares for the authorities to sight.

Within minutes a man had ambushed the trooper as he came out from under the vehicle and then shot and injured the trooper.

Saved by a Non-Trooper

After the trooper was shot, he and the suspect had then engaged in a physical altercation in which at that moment a passerby had stopped and shot at the suspect, killing him on the spot. Col. Frank Milstead, the director of DPS, stated that a third party that was not involved in the matter had shot and killed the suspect upon witnessing the scene, and then notified the authorities about the shooting by using the trooper’s radio.

Vague Context

The dispatcher on the other end of the trooper’s radio requested from the civilian to tell him where the suspect who had shot their trooper was at that exact moment, in which the civilian responded to him by telling him he was lying dead right next to their officer.

Capt. Damon Cecil from the DPS stated that it is possible that the passerby who shot the suspect could be involved in this whole ordeal, but nothing can be finalized at this point, and the only thing for sure as of now was their trooper had been ambushed.