Whole Foods chicken salad retracted for having tuna instead


Since a tuna company started selling its can fish items as sea chickens, tuna and chicken have been mixed. Currently, Whole Foods is stuck with this problem as one of its suppliers sent a huge shipment of chicken salad that has tuna in it.

Whole Foods called out for selling what is not right

According to USDA reports, Whole Foods employees discovered the unusual irregularities while unpacking, causing the Attleboro’s Willow Tree Poultry Farm to review and discover buffalo-style chicken salad, 440 pounds. Willow Tree spokesperson said the package had cranberry-apple tuna salad in it.

USDA reports that the product was called out for misbranding, affecting about 12.5 – ounce packages of chicken salad distributed to stores in New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York. Moreover, every package bears Whole Foods and not Willow Tree brand name.
Consumers are advised to return the salad to Whole Foods or discard them. However, there has not been any record of allergic reactions up until Saturday.

Willow Tree takes on the issue

While Willow Tree Poultry Farm has no category on its official website that indicates it offers tuna products, the spokesperson has explained to Fox News that company produces private label products for some Whole Foods locations. The spokesperson added that Willow-Tree-branded products were never affected by the misbranding, as the case affected about 35 Whole Foods stores.

Willow Tree has been dragged for misbranding in different occasions. In January, Willow product had about 204 pounds of chicken salad, which egg salad was seen instead. The issue was notified after distributing it to a New Jersey supplier.