Western accessories and your wardrobe: make a statement about who you are


There is a wide range of western accessories and quality western products to choose from. If you live in the city and work in an office, dressing like a cowgirl probably wouldn’t be appropriate, but you can add western accessories to your work wardrobe and begin to create your own style.

Western purses are a fun way to do that. They range from genuine leather with tooling and conchos to faux leather (PU leather) with silver and rhinestone studs, lacing, turquoise and crystals. You can get every style of handbag design in a western handbag. There are Hobo bags, messenger bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, handbags with built-in wallets, in sizes ranging from small to very large, as well as the wallets to match. You can get purses that have hidden pockets so you can carry a concealed handgun. And they come in every color you could want to match your wardrobe.

Western accessories includes

Western jewelry is a way to show off your individuality and fits in anywhere you want to wear it. If you are from Texas you might like to wear jewelry with the Texas Lone star on it. Turquoise is very popular in western jewelry and lends itself well to western designs. There is jewelry made with horse shoe designs, horse head designs, and leather and silver are frequently used in western jewelry. There is chunky jewelry as well as dainty jewelry, choose whichever style looks best on you.

Western style sunglasses make a statement about who you are while protecting your eyes from the sun and since they are removed indoors, wouldn’t be inappropriate. For ladies with long hair, there are beautiful western style headbands to keep your hair neatly in place. Start slowly adding some western style to your wardrobe, some things might work, while others aren’t appropriate in your workplace. After all, you are creating your own individual style.

For the men, adding western flair to your wardrobe is much easier. Start by adding a nice western leather belt. Cowboy boots are comfortable and look as classy as dress shoes. If you wear a tie at work, add a Bolo tie for a unique look. Western shirts and dress pants are the finishing touches you need to make your statement. In winter choose a beautiful leather coat/jacket. There are even western style leather wallets and cell phone covers to complete the picture. Just because you’re a guy doesn’t mean you can’t stand out from the crowd. Choose to be different.