Washington Prepares for the Expected Anti-Trump Marches


On Sunday January 22nd, thousands of people have been invited to join in on the anti-Trump protests to take place in the state of Washington.

Protestors with all sorts of various causes are said to take to the street to denounce President Donald J. Trump.

Amongst the protestors most famously will be the Women’s March that will be heading towards Washington.

The entire series of protests included causes such as immigration policies, climate change, along with the treatment of women, the LGBT community, and more.

The protests are said to be initiated around 10 am on Sunday morning in Washington and the protestors will march on down to the National Mall. Janelle Monae is said to be performing and Gloria Steinem will be speaking at the rally.

Different Issues, Same Anger

Meanwhile protestors have even marched in the city of Auckland, New Zealand as a sign of solidarity with the anti-Trump marches scheduled to take place.

The Women’s March which was organized through Facebook, assembled women of all different backgrounds and social classes.

The organizers of the march stated that they tried to connect all of these different variations of women into one united cause.

Skeptical At First

It was believed by many in the beginning of the proposal for the Women’s March that white women were launching such a march in order to regain specific rights or privileges for themselves.

Several believed that the middle class white women were attempting to simply go back to the roots of feminism which lashed out on the routine domestic life style.

They had fought for rights to be working amongst the society and be able to compete with the males alongside them.

However all of this skeptical views vanished as the younger women joined in the cause with a more broad understanding of feminism.