Wanted 24 Year Old Criminal by FBI Arrested


Terry Strickland, a 24 year old convicted criminal for double homicide, was listed on the FBI’s Most Wanted at some point, but reports have stated that he has just been arrested.

Both the El Paso authorities and the FBI announced last Sunday that the wanted fugitive has been found and arrested.

Strickland is wanted for committing a double homicide shooting within Milwaukee back in July, and as of now has been charged with two different counts of intentional homicide in the first degree with a fatal weapon of choice.

According to the investigators on this matter, they have stated that back in July 17th an altercation of some sort had erupted between about seven or possibly eight men.

Strickland then proceeded to fire his gun at the time of the fight which took place around 26th and Hopkins located within the northern region of Milwaukee.

Can’t Run Too Far

The two victims who were shot and killed by Strickland were identified as Maurice Brown Jr. and Michael Reed. Both had been fatally shot and eventually died to the severity of their wounds. A

n eyewitness to the scene told the investigators involved in the case that she lives near the scene of the crime, and as she went out one day to her porch, she had witnessed a man holding a pistol and then shot a man who was laying on the ground.

All Over Now

As of July 28th, the FBI had issued a warrant for Strickland’s arrest and as of October 7th, just months away, Strickland had been charged for unlawful flight in order to evade sentencing.

Soon after a federal arrest warrant was then released for the convicted criminal. Last Sunday around late afternoon, both the FBI as well as the El Paso authorities had set up a sudden traffic stop in which they had located Strickland and arrested him.

No resistance was given by Strickland as he was taken into custody at El Paso, Texas.