Violation of Verizon data partner exposes millions of records to customers


Verizon’s millions of clients presented their works, he told ZDNet today. Verizon has approved that 6 million panels are threatened by Nice Systems, a Verizon Partner for customer call service facilitation. Records, owned by the newspaper private users who are termed Verizon Customer Services in the last six months were accessed through unprotected storage at Amazon S3 server controlled by Nice Systems employee.

CNN reports that the security setting on the server was configured incorrectly

Therefore, anyone who knows the web address can download the files. But Verizon claims that no other outsourced party has access to data, which means that no CNN loss or client data theft has occurred.

Each record contains the customer’s name, cell phone number, and PIN account as your address, email address, and Verizon’s final account. Although some bills are composed in part, most are not. Anyone with access to the records could theoretically represent a subscriber and have access to your account.

Beautiful systems and Verizon said he was investigating the violation. It was nice to say that the data was part of the demonstration of the system but refused to give details. Chris Vickery, cyber security researcher firmly up Guard, found for the first time for 13 June rapes and deprived Verizon reported. Data is finally secure on June 22, nine days later.

This is certainly not the first time the mobile operator suffered a violation of the data. In 2015, breach of the Experian brokerage data resulted in exposure similar to 15 million T-Mobile customer information. Hackers, in 2016 stole data from Verizon’s business unit, which provides IT services for businesses, and offers online sales.