Usain Bolt To Play For Manchester United


Usain Bolt will finally fulfil his long time dream of playing for Manchester United if he is able to shake off his injury before September.

Usain Bolt has already committed himself to the charity match against the legends of Barcelona which will also have Paul Scholes and Ryan Giggs.

The Jamaican sprinter suffered a painful hamstring injury during his last race at the IAAF world championship and this could be the only thing that would stop him from making his dream debut.

“It has always been his dream and he wants to play but it all depends on the state of his injury.” A source close to Bolt revealed.

Bolt spoke of his wish to play professional football now that he has reached the peak of his career in athletics.

He spoke to reporters after his final race in the London Stadium that he could take on football as a career. ” I have always wanted to play soccer because I think this something that I would be great at.”

“But after my injury, I am not thinking about playing soccer at the moment.”

Mourinho Needs Me At Manchester United

Before the World Championship Bolt jokingly told reporters that he was waiting for Mourinho’s call to join Manchester United this season.

Bolt is a very vocal fan of Manchester United and is close to a lot of players at the club including Pogba, who always shows him support on his social media page.