Usain Bolt is just like Muhammad Ali – Lord Coe


Usain Bolt has been defined as a genius who has made the same impact on sports like Muhammad Ali did with boxing.

The president of IAAF, Lord Coe, had a lot of words of praise for the Sprint legend who has 8th Olympic gold medalist and has announced that he would retire after partaking in the World Championships in London.

Coe believes Usain Bolt is just like the American heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

He is the greatest of all time

“He is one of the best athletes of our time and possibly all time.”

“He is nothing short of a genius and he has had the same impact like the Great Muhammad Ali. Who influenced things both off and on the ring.”

“You can argue about who the best footballer is but when it comes to sprinting. There is no doubt who the number one is.”

Usain Bolt who turned 30 this year has won all the medals in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m gold in the last three Olympics. However, his triple nine gold medal win was cut down to eight after it was discovered that his teammate used banned substances.