US Government Apparently ‘Hacked Global Bank System’


A large range of weaknesses in security reportedly worth more than $2m if being sold on black market, were leaked online.

These tools were said to be created by US’ National Security Agency and the documents that accompanied it appeared to portray a possible Swift banking system global breach.

A hack like his may enable the nation to monitor financial transactions in secrecy, say researchers.


These files had been released by hacking group Shadow Brokers, which previously had leaked malware.

If it is genuine, it will represent possibly the utmost significant exposure regarding NSA files since Edward Snowden’s 2013 leaks.

Bank Response

Swift, who’s headquarters is located in Belgium, stated: “We have no evidence to suggest that there has ever been any unauthorised access to our network or messaging services.”

The BBC wasn’t able to immedietly verify the file’s authenticity, in addition to a lack of comment from the NSA.

“If you hack the service bureau, it means that you also have access to all of their clients, all of the banks,” Matt Suiche, United Arab Emirates-based firm for cybersecurity, Comae Technologies, representative said to Reuters.

Cris Thomas, one security researcher who works with Tenable, stated that analysis of these leaked files portray how the United States government did have the capability “to monitor, if not disrupt, financial transactions to terrorists groups”.

In a recent statement Friday, EastNets intensely denied these claims.

“The reports of an alleged hacker-compromised EastNets Service Bureau network is totally false and unfounded,” one spokesperson stated.

“The EastNets Network Internal Security Unit has run a complete check of its servers and found no hacker compromise or any vulnerabilities.

“The photos shown on Twitter, claiming compromised information, is about pages that are outdated and obsolete, generated on a low-level internal server that is retired since 2013.”