Unveiled: The new Madame Tussauds Donald Trump waxwork in time for inauguration day


A new waxwork of Donald Trump has been unveiled at Madame Tussauds, just in time for the new president officially taking office on Friday. The finishing touches have now been put to the waxwork in the famous London tourist attraction.

Incredibly lifelike, the Trump model even sports his famous blond hairstyle, while he is dressed in a dark suit, red tie and white shirt. He joins other famous world leaders who have had likenesses made of them, including outgoing US president Barack Obama, Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin and Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

The new waxwork has been styled so that Mr Trump is standing in the Oval Office, which has photos of his family in front of him on the famous desk. Visitors will be able to take selfies in the fake White House with the president. The model has taken hundreds of hours to perfect. Made of wax, it has been hand painted by the organisation’s talented artists. He is standing looking rather stern, while resting his hands on his belt buckle, underneath his tie.


It is thought that the waxwork could prove controversial and is likely to require a security presence in order to prevent vandalism. A waxwork of Mr Trump in Spain has been the focus of protests against the President-elect’s perceived attitudes towards women and minorities.

Mr Trump is set to officially take office following an inauguration ceremony at the end of this week. However, according to latest polls, he is entering the White House as the most unpopular US president in more than four decades. Madame Tussauds may then, be hoping that their new attraction proves more attractive to some members of the public than the man himself. However, the ratings have proved much more flattering for outgoing president Barack Obama, who leaves with record exit ratings.