UK’s Storm Surge Less Destructive than Expected


    The Eastern coast of Britain had issued an evacuation in the past few days as an expected storm surge was said to cause severe and damaging floods.

    An evacuation that would force about 5,000 residents by assistance from the authorities and 200 troops from the British army was said to take place.

    However, reports have just come in revealing that the anticipated damage of the oncoming storm surge were not as threatening as they had predicted, but as for the region of Essex, they have yet to find out the damage for the oncoming surge.

    Residents presiding in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex were told that they face the most dangerous damage from the storm.

    Brace Yourselves

    Charles Osborne, 52, a resident from Great Yarmouth, stated that the river did indeed exceed a higher than usual height and ended up flooding over the walls. Meanwhile a resident from Norfolk from the Gorleston-on-Sea area, Jess Hudson, 19, also reacted to the matter.

    “I didn’t think it would be as bad as before (when floods hit in 2013),” and added that residents were relieved to know that the expected worst scenario of the matter had already been over and done with.

    Hudson says he was quite stunned just as to how many residents refused to flee their homes and comply with the evacuation procedures, as he wouldn’t take such chances.

    The Worst Over?

    Lynda Freeman, 31, a resident from Norfolk says that when she witnessed the army out in the streets and had been warned about the oncoming tides, she felt quite uneasy no doubt.

    The residents have expressed a sense of liberation as they have passed in what has been said the worst part of the entire storm.

    However, the authorities have claimed that several people had not appreciated the full extent of the danger to this matter, and added that several people had jumped into the Great Yarmouth River at the peak of the surge.