UK Airports Struck With Heavy Fog on New Years Eve


Numerous flights scheduled to land and departure from airports in the UK have suffered delays and cancellations after intense waves of fog had struck the south eastern regions of Britain.

Passengers that would depart from the airports of Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Cardiff, and Southampton have all been requested to double check with their individual airlines before confirming their flights.

Drivers on the roads meanwhile have also been cautioned as the Metropolitan Office has stated that the visibility on the roads have dropped dramatically, increasing risks for accidents.

The Public Health of England (PHE) have also issued a caution to the residents, saying the weather conditions may possible drop down to -5 Celsius on New Year’s Eve.

More Problems at Hand

Furthermore, there have been additional conflicts at hand within the UK as Southern Rail protestors have launched a fresh new wave of protests, further adding to the total disruption and hindrance of travelling capabilities in the UK.

The parent firm of Govia Thameslink has announced to the residents to make sure they revise all information regarding their travel plans due to the early closure of services during New Year’s Eve.

Deadly Fog

The Metropolitan Office has declared for a “yellow weather” warning for all drivers on the road, as the low visibility and intense windy and rainy conditions increase the risk of transportation. Gatwick airport spokeswoman announced that till now there is still an intense wave of fog around the south eastern areas, which has left them uncertain of when they can resume flight operations normally again.

Gatwick airport was forced to cancel about 140 flights as of yesterday due to the harsh weather conditions. According to the spokeswoman, several cabin crew members were ‘displaced’ as a result of the consecutive cancellations that occurred on Friday, adding that this could serve as one of the main primary reasons for the additional delays of flights.