Uber Elects New CEO


The Uber Board has voted Dara Khosrowshahi and has confirmed that Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Expedia is the new CEO of Uber.

Jeff Immelt and Meg Whitman were considered for the job but went public to declare that they didn’t want the job although there are reports that Jeff Immelt is interested in the job.

The top job at Uber has been vacant ever since Travis Kalanick, the co-founder resigned and after an investigation was carried out by Eric Holder, the former attorney general of the United States on the culture of the company.

Internal Uber Lawsuits

Uber has been involved in countless lawsuits as one of the company’s investors, Benchmark Capital, filed a lawsuit against Kalanick saying the co-founder did not disclose details about the problems that the company was facing.

They stated that they wanted Kalanick out of the company and also revealed that they won’t have given him the opportunity to appoint two new board members. Their lawsuit was met with criticism from another investor and ex board member, Shervin Pishevar, who accused Benchmark of leaking confidential information.

Khosrowshahi has been the CEO at Expedia for 13 years after working in IAC as the chief financial officer for seven years. Currently Expedia is one of the top companies doing great in the stock market in the past five years.

A lot of investors at Uber are happy about the decision as they believed that he has the experience to lead the company.

A survey by Glassdoor showed that Khosrowshahi is ranked as one of the 40 most highly rated CEOs.