Uber Activates Tipping Option For Drivers Starting From Today In Seattle


Uber has made major announcements about their driver’s payment lately as they said they may add the option for riders to tip the driver if they are satisfied with the ride and the service.

Tipping Now Available

Seattle has declared that tipping is now available. Seattle alongside Minneapolis and Houston where tipping would be available soon will “create the best tipping experience.” Moreover, Uber will allow tipping across the United States by the end of July.

Uber also announced that their drivers will get extra $2 fare for teen account trips, which would be added to the base fare.

The company labels the changes as “major improvements that will make driving more flexible and less stressful, giving you [drivers] earnings and support you can depend on.”

The changes will be available city by city throughout the summer. Uber says it will add the details of the changes, which it has called “180 Days of Change,” on this official page. The program is designed by Rachel Holt and Aaron Schildkrout, Uber’s lead executives for US Operations and Driver Experience.

The new offers of tipping put Uber in competition with rival Lyft as Lyft has activated the tipping option since it kicked off.

“We’ve heard you.” write Holt and Schildkrout. “You’ve told us what you want, and now it’s time we step up and give you the driving experience you deserve, because, simply put, Uber wouldn’t exist without you.”

New York City’s Independent Driver Guild said that the tipping option activation is an important win for drivers and asserts that their assembly can bring about major changes.

“Today’s tipping announcement is an important win for drivers and proves that thousands of drivers coming together with one voice can make big changes,” IDG founder Jim Conigliaro Jr. said in an e-mailed statement.

“Cuts to driver pay across the ride-hail industry have made tipping income more important than ever. This is an important first step toward a more fair ride-hail industry.”