Two British women raped in Marbella after their drinks were spiked with Devil’s Breath drug


    Two British women have been raped in the upmarket Spanish resort of Marbella after their drinks were allegedly spiked with a drug known s Devil’s Breath. The young woman, aged 19 and 20, were assaulted in two different attacks 10 days apart.

    Detectives in Spain are now waiting for toxicology tests to be returned. However, it is understood that they were drugged with the Colombian drug burandanga, which is nicknamed Devil’s Breath. The drug, which is also known as the name scopolamine, has the effect of making victims lose their memory and their free will.

    The drug is said to lead to a zombie like state and stop people from making new memories for a period of time. It means that even after the effects of the drug wear off, people cannot remember what has happened.

    Attacks in South America

    Burandanga comes from the Borrachero tree, which is most commonly found in South America. The drug is understood to be rife in Colombia and Ecuador. Victims become incapacitated and it is understood that backpackers and tourists around South America have been plied with it before being attacked or robbed.

    The US’s Overseas Security Advisory Council in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito, has become so worried about the substance that it has issued warnings to tourists to be on their guard and not to leave their drinks unattended. The council estimates there area a staggering 50,000 incidents involving the drug every year.

    These latest incidents in Marbella follow the gang rape of an 18 year old British woman last year as she was walking home from work. It is alleged that a gang of Moroccan men grabbed her and dragged her into a car before attacked her. There have also been warnings about women’s drinks being spiked with the date rape drug Rohypnol in the popular holiday resort.