Turn yourself, say heartbroken family of Berlin Christmas market massacre suspect


The devastated parents and siblings of Berlin terror suspect Anis Amri, whose fingerprints have been found on the steering wheel of the lorry used to plough into shoppers, have urged him to turn himself in.

Amri, whose 24th birthday is next week, is the subject of a huge manhunt over allegations that he was behind the wheel of a truck filled with steel, which was turned into a weapon to kill and maim people at a festive market in the German capital.

Originally from Tunisia, he left home seven years ago to travel around Italy. His family say he spent time in jail in Italy and they believe that is where he may have been radicalised. Amri had only been in Germany for just over a year when he allegedly carried out the terror attack which killed 12 and injured dozens more.

Give yourself up

Now, his shocked family, who still lives in the small Tunisian town of Oueslatia, has urged him to hand himself in. His brother Abdelkader said he should go to the police, adding that he would be disowned if it was proven that he had been involved.

He added: “If he’s guilty, he deserves every condemnation. We reject terrorism and terrorists – we have no dealings with terrorists.” His sister Najoua added that she could not believe her brother would do such a thing. She said that she had been in touch with him regularly via Facebook before the attack and she never had any inkling that something could be amiss.

Meanwhile, Amri’s dad Mustapha was seen outside of the home where the children grew up, steering a horse and cart along the road. His father said that his son had been in trouble with the law after he started taking drugs and dropped out of school. He said Amri had gone to the local primary school, and then had started his secondary school education, but had been forced to drop out because of poverty.