Tulip Siddiq Labour MP Resigns over Article 50


One of Labour shadow cabinet has resigned rather than vote to trigger Article 50.  Labour is imposing a three line whip to ensure MPs vote to trigger the bill.

Siddiq, stated that it as she was in a pro remain constituency that she felt compelled to leave.  In her resignation to Jeremy Corbyn she wrote, “The vast majority of my constituents voted last year to remain in the European Union, as did I. On the announcement of the 3-line whip on the Article 50 vote I therefore feel I have no choice but to resign from my front bench role as shadow minister for easly years.

“I do not support the triggering of Article 50 and cannot reconcile myself to the front bench position.”

Brexit Bill

Today David Davis tabled a 137 word bill which has opposition parties and some Conservative MPs eager to scrutinise it and make amendments.  Davis wants the legislation passed quickly as not to delay the triggering of Article 50 in March.

After the bill passes the House of Commons it will pass to the House of Lords for further debate.

Speaking in an interview Jeremy Corbyn he said he understood concerns of his MPs but it is more important for them to unite around important issues than to block Article 50.

MPs will be given five days of debates, three this week and two next week.  This has met with criticism from MPs that they have not been given long enough.

So far Labour want to table four amendments to the bill one of which would be to give parliament the final vote on the bill, while the Scottish National Party are looking to table 60.

A Labour source according to the Telegraph Newspaper said that shadow cabinet members who defy the three line whip will face the sack.