Trump’s Planned Vacations Could Exceed $600,000,000 Planned To Cut From Government


Admit the planned fiscal slash of social, educational and cultural programs in the new fiscal budget of the newly elected president of the United States Mr. Donald trump; a weekly leisure trip to the Florida based presidential resort  Mar-a-Lago is costing the state budget an estimated three million dollars for security procedures.

Selfish Slash

Calculations of this luxurious weekend, that Mr. Trump intends to pursue regularly over the course of his presidential term, could exceed the $600,000,000 that he plans to cut from the aforementioned governmental policy. The media started to be vocal following his seventh consecutive swing to the “Winter White House” in the southern state of Florida.

Looking back at the discourse of his presidential campaign, the new head of state had affirmed that the sincerity and dedication at which he would commit to serve their well being and future of his fellow Americans would cause him to ” rarely leave the White House because there is so much work to be done”.  As his spokesperson was questioned about his concern over the media outcry in this regard, Sean Spicer denied any feeling of resentment from the ” leader of the free world” and replied: ” no, he feels great”.

Home efficiency

The efficiency of leadership in the prestigious Mar-a-Lago resort is put into question by the public, as a guest at the palace has posted online a picture that outlines a disorganized bureaucratic surrounding in the room that witnessed their response of Mr. Trump to the illegal launching of North Korean missile tests.  In the same instance on another picture of the same person has shown him side by side with a higher ranking military official in possession of the nuclear codes.

It is noticeable to say that the president is following a remarkably less strict work ethic then his predecessors especially that the estate is his private property since 1985 and is clearly a zone of comfort and relaxation for him and his surrounding.