Trump’s Planned Executive Order May Permit Discrimination


A draft for a potential executive order that may go into effect by President Trump and his administration reveal that there may be a possibility that discrimination is legalized in the nation.

The order is referred to as ‘Establishing a Government Wide Initiative to Respect Religious Freedom’.

The draft order that was leaked is around four pages and at the moment a copy of it has been sent for examination and revision to the federal staff as well as supporting organizations.

The draft is said to cover up all small and large holes within the society such as covering education, receiving a contract from the government, offering social services, and far more.

The Draft’s Damage

The draft would potentially extensively exempt any individual or an organization that claim to have any conflicting views whether on a moral or a religious platform that do not approve of abortions, trans-genders, same-sex marriages, and other matters.

The draft would also limit women from being able to take contraceptives or being able to perform an abortion through Obamacare.

At the moment the White House has not made any statement on this matter.

More in Store

However, Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary was asked last Monday on the matter concerning a religious executive order being underway.

Spicer responded by saying that he will not talk about what will happen in the future due to issues that perhaps may not even be tackled with.

The spokesman then added that “there is a lot of executive orders, a lot of things that the president has talked about and will continue to fulfill,” and stated that at the moment such an order has not been planned for.

The draft’s over protection and prejudice leaning towards one specific form of particular religious beliefs would potentially violate the Constitution’s First Amendment which holds the Establishment Clause.