Trump’s Counterterror Mission in Yemen Results in Death of U.S. Commando


U.S. President Trump has launched a counter-terror operation in the country of Yemen just moments after he was sworn in as president.

Reports have now revealed that three U.S. combatants have been critically injured after an intense gunfight occurred between them and militants from Al Qaeda.

One U.S. Commando was also reported to have been killed in the gunfight, according to reports by the military who made the announcement on the morning of Sunday.

A surprise attack was launched within the province of Bayda, by the U.S. Navy Seals Team 6.

The gunfight was said to have lasted a bit less than an hour, and the operation was said to attack a branch of Al Qaeda headquarters within the region.

The First Loss

Heading the Pentagon’s Central Command, General Joseph Votel has remarked on the death of their commando by saying that they are greatly affected by the death of one of their combatants.

General Votel went on in his statement to add that “The sacrifices are very profound in our fight against terrorists who threaten innocent peoples across the globe.”

Not Empty Handed

The military has reported that during the gunfight about 14 militants from Al Qaeda were said to have been killed during the operation.

The report adds that they have as a result been able to get a hold of valuable information that would probably prove to aid them regarding terror plots that are being planned for the future.

Meanwhile a senior U.S. official has denied any claims that civilians from the region that included children and women were killed during the operation.

In the past week reports have stated that an American drone had allegedly killed three more Al Qaeda fighters within the same region, which would serve to be the first killings by the U.S. army since Donald Trump was sworn in as president.