Trump to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen for DHS secretary


This seasoned and experienced homeland security operator, the central vice president for the personnel of John Kelly, would become selected towards becoming the latest escritoire for the division of home safety measures, the American presidency had declared by the middle of the week.

During an announcement discharged on the evening of the middle of the week, this organization lauded this lady in question for the “broad expert knowledge” as it pertains to safety measures in the country’s strategy plan, cyber security, basic foundation in addition to crisis administration. This division for mother country safety measures was made within a come around for a dread assaults which had taken place on the 11th of September 11, about sixteen years ago.

“She remains a country safety measures experienced person, that conveys presidency in addition to her knowledge in the department of homeland security towards an escritoire part,” Ridge had stated within an announcement

“Kirstjen Nielsen has to a great degree amassed so much knowledgeable within all-danger dangers testing our safety measures in addition to our versatility for the country – out of cyber security as well as fear based oppression to cataclysmic events.”

In a rare case of assent between all stakeholders, even from both parties, the American president’s decision to nominate Kirstjen Nielsen as the new secretary of the department of homeland security has been met with favorable reviews and unanimous approvals as she has been described to be a round peg in a round hole.

Reports about this lady’s normal determination was initially revealed as a result of the publication out of a popular media outlet specializing on American politics. She had beforehand filled in to be Kelly’s head of workforce at the division for mother country safety measures in addition to afterward tailed him to the presidency as soon as he supplanted Priebus to become the president’s presidential head of workforce toward the finish of the last four months. In any case, the instance had not been her initial moment she had worked at the presidency, at the same time as already having rendered her service with a previous organization’s tenure in the capacity of an extraordinary associate for counteractive action, readiness as well as reaction within mother country safety measures commission.