Trump: Only stupid people don’t want a better relationship with Russia


As he gears up to enter the White House, President-elect Donald Trump is continuing to talk up closer ties between the US and Russian. Property tycooon Mr Trump has said that only stupid people or fools would not want a better relationship with Russia.

He made no change in his rhetoric despite allegations from intelligence services that Moscow was behind election meddling hacking. In a series of tweets, he said that having a good relationship with Russia was a good thing. He said that the US was facing enough problems without making another one for itself, adding that he firmly believed Russia would have greater respect for America with him at the helm.

Entrepreneur and former reality star Mr Trump has repeatedly questioned whether US intelligence officials are right in their conclusion that the Kremlin interfered in last year’s election. While he was handed a classified report last week, it has not changed his belief.

Russian involvement

The report said that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had played a part in election hacking which was designed to ensure that Mr Trump won the election rather than his rival, the Democrat Hillary Clinton. And, authorities say they do not believe that Russia has finished trying to meddle in American politics and policy.

According to the report, Russia started a spear-phishing campaign straight after the election result in a bid to treat people, including government workers and think tanks to give their email passwords.

The unclassified version of the document claimed that the Russian government gave emails to WikiLeaks. However, Julian Assange, the founder of the site, has said that was not where the information was gathered from. According to intelligence officials, Russia paid trolls to make disparaging comments on social media. Mr Trump is set to officially take the keys to the White House on January 20.