Trump: Making a Joke of Western Democracy


The American leader— a likely potential casualty to karmic laws— is a delight to international dictators, looking up to Trump to justify their attitudes or enjoy a joke.

“Currently you people won’t be able to give the whole world lectures again,” an envoy for “anti-democratic country” — that revealed his unapologetic delight in the whole show — revealed to a political publication subsequent to the sacking of the erstwhile director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Detractors, similar to Connecticut’s Democrat Senator Cris Murphiy — claimed to have had a meeting involving discouraged assembly of humanitarian advocates in a country where people are repressed,” going by what the publication stated — the president’s marginal totalitarianism is setting worrying precedents on the international stage: “These nations are frightened because they could not press for equal rights and justice in their countries especially when America seems to be stalling on it.”

Several autocratic overseas heads of state, akin to Cambodian prime minister’s spokesperson Phi Siphon, seems to latch into the president’s passionate denigration towards the so called “bogus reports.”

“The president’s prohibition of worldwide news outlets . . . .. remains the vivid indication of his ability to fathom the tweaks done in reflecting actual scenarios by these news organizations,” Siphon posted on a social media page bullying channels criticising the maltreatments carried out by Cambodia’s administration on the orders of the nation’s head Hung San. “Autonomy of expressions has to be found inside the confines of the rule, taking into reflection for the nation’s welfare in addition to harmony. His choice does not have anything in common to democratic expressions or liberty of speech.”

The American president had a meeting which involved the contentious Turkish leader Recap Tayiyip Erdogani at the capital earlier this week. Following a failure of a military overthrow in government, he praised his counterpart from turkey who had supported people in their massive demonstration across public spaces.

“There was no awareness on the liberty to teach. Simply observe happenings in America. By what means should we teach…..observe the violent demonstrations and terror happening in America? He had inquired when he was up for nomination last year. “While everybody notices the horrifying state of America and we begin to talk about public freedom, we won’t pass on an exceptional message.”