Trump Breaches Iran Nuclear Deal


President Trump announced on Friday, declaring that he will not certify the nuclear agreement struck in 2015. This decision, according to Trump proponents is the best strategy to stop Iran from adopting nuclear weapons. However, skeptics believe that this is simply a ploy by Trump to appear true to his campaign promises.

In the President’s announcement, he stated that America would not tread the path which can only lead to violence, more terror, and the eventuality of Iran acquiring more nuclear power. He went further, declaring that it is under continuous review, and if the Congress does not conclude, He has the veto power as the president to terminate participation.

New Legislation On The Way

After the refusal to certify the deal, the House of Congress has only two months to introduce new legislation which imposes sanctions which are nuclear-related on Iran. They could be in the form of strict measures against Iran’s financial system and oil exportation, as these strategies were employed by the Obama administration, and coerced the Iranians into a deal.

Javad Zarif, Iran’s foreign minister, has declared that Iran could choose to continue with the deal without America’s inclusion, however, this largely depends on the cooperation of other Signatories such as Germany, Britain, and France. If the United states pull the plug on this deal, it casts doubt on the credibility of America as a nation, and this can cause isolation from other allies.

Republican Senator; Tom Cotton, claims that Iran’s withdrawal might initiate another round of instability and turbulence in the Middle East, and this seems like a bad move to take, considering the lurking upheaval in North Korea.

Another possibility is that the Congress packages a better deal for Iran; however, this seems unlikely, as Donald Trump; the man with the veto power has been vocal about his displeasure and ultimate plans to walk out of the agreement.