Travelers Affected by Trump’s Ban Receive Opportune Moment to Fly to U.S.


The Department of Justice has requested for the travel ban imposed by U.S. President Trump to be set back into action but was denied by the appeals court.

The Seattle judge who called for the immediate halt on this travel ban has led President Trump to condemn him and has send out several tweets denouncing his ruling.

Mr. Trump claims that he will get the travel ban back in motion again, but in the meantime confusion has been surfacing from all over the country over the contradicting actions from within the government.

Unjustified Ban

Mr. Trump has stated that he imposed this executive order in order to protect citizens of the United States from radical Islamic terrorists.

Those affected by the ban were refugees along with people coming from seven specific countries that hold a mainly Muslim majority.

However, critics have stated that such a ban serves nothing more than being completely unjustified as well as discriminating.

Nonetheless, at this point the door for the U.S. is open to those who were banned recently and an opportune moment has surfaced for those who wish to travel to the country in the time being as soon as possible as uncertain decisions may be made in the near future.

The Right Direction

A Yemeni woman who has married an American citizen states that this is the first time she has ever tried to reach the United States.

The woman added that originally her plan was to travel next week but since this recent ruling came forth, her and her husband decided they must make the flight earlier and take the chance.

The Yemeni woman declined to disclose her name due to fears that it may cause a conflict against her interest upon entry within the country. Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for the Iraqi government remarked on the latest ruling and said it serves as the proper move “in the right direction to solve the problems that it caused.”