Tourists Trapped 150 Feet off the Ground in Theme Park Ride


Tourists Trapped 150 Feet off the Ground in Theme Park Ride

Tourists at a theme park ride in California had to be rescued after being stranded 150 ft from the ground for eight hours.

Twenty-one people were trapped when the Sky Cabin ride at Knott’s Berry Farm broke down about halfway into the ride.  The ride lifts passengers into the air giving them a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Emergency services arrived on the scene at around 5pm local time on Friday.  Despite their best efforts, they could not get the cabin to come back down, resulting in riders being winched down one at a time by rope.  Passengers included adults and children.

Larry Kurtz, Orange County Fire Authority Captain, told eyewitness news, “We have firefighters in the cab with the occupants.

“No one is in any medical distress, so we’re going to affix a harness on to each one of them and one at a time we’re going to lower them down to the ground.”

Later, he added, “It sounds scary but these guys, they train for this all time. We have very, very strong ropes that have 9,000lbs of breaking strength on them.”

At this time, it is not clear why the ride became stuck and unable to move.  The park owners said all rides were “inspected, check-listed and properly maintained daily”.

Theme park rides breaking down is not an uncommon occurrence.  In 2014 rollercoaster ride incidents rose dramatically, resulting in either injury or death.  The Inquisitor reported that that you were more likely to die in an amusement park than a shark attack.

This year, in the UK six riders were stranded 50 ft high for an hour when a rollercoaster came to a complete stop.  A year before that five people were seriously injured on the park’s Smiler ride which saw two teenagers undergo amputations.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt at Knott’s Berry Farm.