Toddler Shot With Air Rifle Due to Him Crying


Harry Studley, an 18 month old infant was shot in the head with an air rifle by Jordan Walters last July and suffered a serious injury as a result.

Emma Horseman, 24, the partner of Walters, allegedly told him to just shoot at the kid to frighten him and shut him up as he was crying.

Walters confessed to committing the unlawful serious injury of the infant as well as Horseman who received the same allegations due to aiding in the matter.

The Prosecutor, Andrew Macfarlane stated in court that “the circumstances of this case are both simple and horrifying.”

Baby Fights for His Life

Mr. Macfarlane went on to express his shock about the matter by saying that within just a time frame of one hour after parents met together last Friday and brought their children along, an infant fought for his life.

After the baby had been shot with the air rifle, it was airlifted immediately to a hospital for treatment.

The prosecutor added that perhaps Horseman’s intention was to just scare the baby with the sound of the air rifle to stop crying, although she never actually said this.

Horrible Alternative

Mr. Macfarlane stated in the court that both Horseman and Walters were responsible for absolutely reckless behavior that resulted in the air rifle actually being targeted towards the baby and being shot.

The baby’s home was said to be in a block on flats within Hartcliffe in Bristol. Horseman was said to live within the same block on the second floor with her partner Walters as well as the two children that they have.

The family of Harry were friends with the couple that were responsible for the incident.

After Harry was excessively crying, Walters shot at the baby which resulted in a large amount of blood gushing out of the young boy’s head and onto the sofa.