Three Rapists Arrested in Sweden After Live-Streaming a Gang Rape


A gang rape in Sweden that was reportedly live-streamed on Facebook has led to the arrest of the three rapists. Regional police have officially started an investigation.

According to the Swedish tabloid, Aftonbladet, a gang rape in an apartment in Uppsala, Sweden was reportedly live-streamed on a closed group on Facebook. The three rapists were arrested and the regional police have started an investigation.

Details of the Incident

According to the news website, The Local, regional police were tipped off by a viewer, 21-year-old Josephine Lundgren, shortly after the attack.

The men immediately arrested the three rapists. There were several thousands of members on the closed group.

According to Lundgren, there were 60 other people viewing the video. She also reported that one of the men had a gun. She said one of the men tore the woman’s clothes off and lay on top of her.

One person on the closed Facebook group told the paper: “I first thought it was a poorly orchestrated joke.”

“You have been raped,” one of the men said at the end of the video and then laughed, according to the viewer. One comment on the video said: “Three against one, ha ha ha.”

There was reportedly another video that came up shortly afterwards where the woman had denied being raped. “My heart broke,” said Linda Johansson, another viewer of the video. “The girl was sitting in front of the camera while the guy who filmed her tried to make her deny that she had been raped.”

“He was putting words in her mouth. He was extremely threatening and laughed throughout the film.”

The police took the victim to the hospital for both her own safety and for evidence collection. They have not yet released more information about the investigation.

The Normalization of Some Aspects of Rape

Although the act of rape is increasingly being acknowledged as an un-provoked violent crime all over the world, some experts say that a view that is yet to change is the subtle and seemingly normalized view of rape as a somewhat victorious act for the rapist.

It is this subtle view that makes comments such as “you have been raped,” and “three against one, ha ha ha,” pervasive in many cultures in response to rape.

Some experts say it is also this subtle view that makes many rape victims, both male and female, hesitant about coming forward about such incidents