Theresa May under fire over Brexit warnings


British Prime Minister Theresa May has come under fire from politicians in the UK, and across Europe, after details of a private talk she had at Goldman Sachs have emerged.
Mrs May is said to have issued a warning about the dangers of Brexit just a month before the EU referendum vote was held in June.
She had an hour long meeting with elite bankers, in which she said: “I think the economic arguments are clear. I think being part of a 500 million [population] trading bloc is significant for us. I think, as I was saying to you a little earlier, that one of the issues is that a lot of people will invest here in the UK because it is the UK in Europe.
“If we were not in Europe, I think there would be firms and companies who would be looking to say, do they need to develop a mainland Europe presence rather than a UK presence? So I think there are definite benefits for us in economic terms.”
The Prime Minister has now been accused by a number of MPs of double standards, with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn leading the criticism.
Mr Corbyn said Mrs May had ignored her own worries about the serious dangers of exiting the single market.
She had talked to city bankers about her fears over Brexit.
Mrs May is also under fire from politicians in Germany who say she had failed to show strong leadership.
They claim that her comments give a clear indication it will be impossible to lead a divorce from the EU without tangible consequences for UK Plc.
Mr Corbyn said Mrs May had been woolly in her plans for Brexit, failing to properly tell the British public what she thought in terms which were as clear as those she expressed to city bankers.
The Labour leader, who is presiding over a divided party, said: “The prime minister has given her private views on Brexit to Goldman Sachs bankers, but refuses to give the British people a clear plan for negotiations It shouldn’t take a leaked tape for the public to find out what she really thinks.”
Meanwhile the former Labour leader Ed Miliband, who is a high profile member of the Open Britain organisation said these latest revelations showed that “the prime minister was just as worried privately as the rest of us are publicly about the economic impact of the hard, destructive Brexit her government seems set on”.