Theresa May Promises Brexit Deal Acceptable to Remainers


British Prime Minister has announced in her New Year message that she would negotiate with Brussels, to secure a Brexit deal acceptable to Remainers.

In June 2016 a referendum that allowed British people to vote on whether or not to stay in the European Union resulted in 52% of the population voting to leave.

May asked the country for national unity as she spoke of triggering Article 50, the formal process for leaving the European Union.  She went on to say that she would fight hard deals acceptable to Remainers.

She said, “We are no longer the 52 per cent who voted Leave and the 48 per cent who voted Remain, but one great union of people and nations with a proud history and a bright future.

“When I sit around the negotiating table in Europe this year, it will be with that in mind – the knowledge that I am there to get the right deal – not just for those who voted to Leave, but for every single person in this country.”

May’s speech comes just before the Supreme Court delivers its verdict on whether the government can trigger Article 50 without putting it to a vote in Parliament.  It is expected that the Supreme Court will rule against her, and as such, any kind of Brexit deal will have to be thrashed out in the House of Commons.

Brexit is strongly suspected to have caused deep divisions in the Conservative Party in the same way the British people are divided by it.

She continued, “The referendum laid bare some further divisions in our country – between those who are prospering, and those who are not.

“This is the year we need to pull down these barriers that hold people back, securing a better deal at home for ordinary, working people.

“We have a golden opportunity to demonstrate that – to bring this country together as never before, so that whoever you are, wherever you live, our politics, economy and society work for you, not just a privileged few.”

Theresa May spoke of unity in an earlier speech and a Britain that works for all.  So far this has yet to materialise as more and more people become poorer, and friends of the government become richer.