The Tesla model 3 has a very bad September: the production is very short


In July, Tesla’s Executive Director Elon Musk warned that the war was “hell production” before Tesla’s new model, and third is expected.

I did not cry on Monday, the company said that only 260 models of three cars produced from production in late July to September 30 began far beyond the 1500’s company forecasts.

This is a bad news for Tesla. Success or failure of model 3 could make or break a business

The company did not say whether the production forecast would be on the right track in December or 2018.
Model-3 production figures are included in the online message of the investor who announced “our best result of all time quartals for Model S and X Shipment”. Tesla delivered 25,930 vehicles, which is 4.5% more than in the previous year.

Tesla’s critics have seen little to talk about. Sales Model S and Model X remain in the last four quarters at a low to mid level of 20,000 and have doubts as to whether the growth in sales for these cars is almost exhausted.

“The most intriguing about this report is not even a low production model number 3,” said Mark Spiegel of Stanphyl Capital.

“That is, the S and X sales are down to 4.5% compared to the previous year’s level, despite big discounts before the luxury EV competition will be next year from Audi and Jaguar, and in 2019 Porsche and Mercedes. There will be hyper-business.”

Although sales in comparison to major automotive companies were tiny and Tesla spent billions in cash without profit, the share price surpassed that of Ford and General Motors.

In the last three weeks, however, Tesla shares fell by about 10%

It closed on Monday at 43 cents to $ 341.53, but dropped into the store after a few hours. The Model 3 price is between $ 35,000 and $ 60,000, depending on the options. Cars can now qualify for a state return of $ 2,500 and a federal rebate of $ 7,500. However, when production reaches Tesla’s forecast, federal subsidies will be depleted next year.

Tesla said that more than 350,000 people paid $ 1,000 each in an acceptable deposit to hold the spot on the line.