The Statue of Liberty Had Gone Dark Overnight


For over one hour Tuesday evening, Lady Liberty was enveloped in a sheet of darkness. Many of the lights that normally  give the statue a bright glow had gone off just before 11pm local time, leaving just the torch and crown lit and visible to the majority of people in the New York Harbor.

Social Media Responds

One Twitter user said that the timing of the blackout had been “just too perfect.” Definitely, said another, “an ominous sign of the times.”

The almost-blackout of the US’ symbol of universal freedom was taken very seriously by observers on the internet, who injected a great meaning into the reasons why the sudden blackout occurred.

Lady Liberty had either been protesting President Donald Trump, specifically his travel ban just signed a day before the blackout that limits citizens of six Muslim-majority nations from entering the US.

Or, as other posters read into it, she had been signalling her solidarity with the curernt #DayWithoutWoman strike that has taken over social media and protests Wednesday, which asks women to avoid going to work that day in order to portray what life feels like without their presence.

Women’s Day

“Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses but later. We’re closed,” said one tweet. “Trump has plunged our country into darkness,” said a different user.

“I’ve been wondering how long before France asks @realDonaldTrump for the statue of liberty back as he clearly doesn’t respect its symbolism,” Jason Rumble tweeted.

Perhaps once the lights returned, her arm would have a “Nevertheless, she persisted,” tattoo, said another tweet. Is it possible that the Lady Liberty, perhaps the country’s most recognizable figure is participating a “Day Without a Woman?”

“Lady Liberty got the memo,” said an organizer of the event in a Twitter post. “That’s ONE MORE woman America CANNOT do without,” said another user.