The Moth is no Illusion and its raising fright


What do you know possesses four hairy attachments reaching through from its rear end? With two antennae and six legs, And has raised worries the heart of most persons?

The world’s popular and frightening moth

On Facebook, a video and pictures were shared of an insect by a man from Indonesia, gaining over 30,000 comments with lots of persons curious as to know what manner of creature it was.

A researcher, Gary Havel, who is work at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the department of entomology named the insect to be Creatonos gangis.

In his email sent to The Washington Post, he revealed that the moth was making use of its glands for a scent to entice a mate.

He shared that the moth’s glands are typically deflated and are resident in its abdomen. In his revelations, he said the month is mostly found in Australia and the Southeastern parts of Asia.

An online survey said that the moth’s abdomen is characteristically red or yellow, with its males having coremata’s that are reversible at its abdomen’s tip that has the ability to give off pheromones when they are inflated far longer than the abdomen.

Thoughts of some Facebook users

Comments from different persons on Facebook also help throw light on what the insect was. While others helped explain the utilization of the pheromones by the moth.

‘Outstanding’ one facebook user wrote.

Although, most others shared common apprehension. ‘I am officially afraid of moths’