The death of the Euro is only a matter of time, says former British Prime minister David Cameron


Former British prime minister David Cameron, who stood down from the country’s top job following the shock result of the June Euro referendum, says it could only be a matter of time before the Euro collapses.

In his first major public address since leaving the role, he said he had been effectively ousted as a result of “populism” which led to his defeat on the EU referendum. Mr Cameron had been a staunch supporter of the Remain camp and has now warned that the European currency the euro may not survive in upcoming years.

He predicted “more trouble” ahead as people who feel disenfranchised vote in a way which provides political shocks. While he said he did not believe the EU itself would crumble, he did add that the single currency was now at grave risk.

Mr Cameron was addressing students at DePauw University in Indiana as part of a sweeping tour across America. He has not revealed how much he is being paid for the speeches, although he did receive £120,000 for making a private speech to financiers in Wall Street a few weeks go.


However, the former PM’s comments about populism did not go down too well with his former colleagues, and the new British Prime Minister Theresa May. A spokesperson for number 10 sid that she was focused on delivery an economy which works for everyone.

Meanwhile, the historian Mary Beard said that Mr Cameron appeared to be blaming democracy for his downfall, with the retired Colonel Richard Kemp also weighing by saying that the former prime minister seem to be asking: “How dare the people have a say?”

Former newspaper Simon Jenkins said the comments were proof of how out of touch Mr Camerson is. He said: “Cameron got beat because he screwed up. To blame populism is meaningless.”