The Charter, Comcast explores a wireless partnership with Sprint: the Sources


Mobile operator in the US Sprint Corp discussed with Charter Communications Inc. And Comcast Corp for a partnership to encourage wireless service provider two cable companies in the US, according to sources familiar with the situation.

Sprint, under the control of Japanese Softbank Group Corp, began a two month negotiation period with the Comptroller and Comcast who put their connection talks with US wireless T-Mobile USA Inc. pending by the end of July, according to sources on Monday.

The Sprint Agreement will be based on the Partnership Charter and Comcast announced last month. Both cable operators agree that they will not make transactions in the wireless space for a year, without mutual consent.
Comcast has already presented plans for wireless services using its Wi-Fi hotspots and waves Verizon Communications Inc., the largest provider of US telecommunications based on an agreement between two dating in 2011.

Comcast and Charter are now in talks with Sprint to ensure network dealerships are similar to the better, the sources said. The distribution agreement the nine-year pre-existing network between Comcast and Sprint has never been activated, one of the sources.

The Wall Street Journal, first reporter of the negotiations, also said the Charter and Comcast were in preliminary discussion about taking part in Sprint as part of the deal. This transaction will enable Sprint to invest more into his network, he writes.

Sprint, Comcast, and the Charter refuse to comment

The agreement on cable service in the network does not mean that Sprint cannot seek a merger agreement with T-Mobile, which is controlled by Deutsche Telekom AG in Germany, according to sources.
Investors are waiting for an agreement between T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth US mobile service providers, saving money and other synergies ranging from 6 to 10 billion.
For three years, Sprint has completed the previous round of T-Mobile buying talks, unlike the US competition authority.