The app that lets you track down your lost Apple AirPods


When Apple first showed off its wireless AirPods at the end of last year, consumers immediately voiced fears that they might lose the little gizmos, particularly if they were wearing them while running or playing sports.

However, the US firm has now come up with a solution. As the saying goes, there’s an app for everything. And now Apple has developed an app so that AirPod owners can find their earphones if they do happen to lose them.

The Find My iPhone app already exists, but it is expected to be updated so that it can help consumers to find their AirPods, provided that they are within Bluetooth range of an iOS device. The earphones were unveiled last year by Apple and have already gained lots of positive reviews.

Tiny but expensive

However many also said they were worried that they might lose the small, but expensive earphones, which cost $159. The firm has listened to those concerns and has now announced its latest update. If someone loses their AirPods within range of any iOS devices which are signed into iCloud, then they will easily be able to find them again. Cleverly, the app will be able to make a sound on the AirPods so that people can be helped to track them down.

However, the feature is unlikely to allay everyone’s fears given that it will not work if the earphones are not within Bluetooth communication range, which is only around 10 metres. that means it is only likely to come in useful for those who lose their AirPods within their home. However, many were worried they might misplace them while out and about, particularly while exercising. This latest app follows a similar one which was released last year called simply Finder for AirPods. However, that app was then removed from the app store by Apple, which said it was not appropriate.