Tesla Voluntarily Recalls 7,000 Electric Car Adapters After Two Overheat


Tesla Motors voluntarily recalls 7,000 NEMA 14-30 adapters used to charge electric cars, after receiving complaints that they had overheated. This recall applies only to plugs sold in the US.

According to Bloomberg, the customer reports detailed that the items had rarely been used and they had just malfunctioned. The malfunction resulted in melted plastic, but no other damage was reported.

Bloomberg also reports, the NEMA 14-30 adapters are of an older model of adapters that have been out of the sales circulation for over six months.

They are manufactured by a foreign supplier and are sometimes connected to appliance outlets in the US in order to charge electric vehicles, suggesting an incompatibility causing the malfunction.

Despite the small number of complaints, Tesla chose to voluntarily recall mass amounts of the item and prevent further issues. The faults also did not cause significant damage besides the melted plastic, but Tesla’s recall acts as a precautionary measure.

Tesla therefore announced in a statement that the recall should not affect international customers, but US customers will have their adapters replaced in the coming few weeks. “Out of abundance of caution”, the company continues, it will also replace the similar adapters NEMA 10-30 and 6-50 adapters.

The replacement of the similar products will take three months, however Tesla ensures there have been no reports of malfunctioning and so customers can continue using them until then.

Recalls are common in the US auto-industry. According to the Highway Transportation Safety Administration, with a record recall in 2015 of over 50 million cars.

This is Tesla’s fifth recall since it began offering the Model S vehicle in 2012. Its biggest recall was last year, recalling 90,000 Model S cars after a single report of a fault seat belt in the front seat.

Tesla’s quick recall portray the speed at which they address customer service issues, which has been praised in the automobile industry along with their environmental protection measures.