Terminally Ill Young Woman Blogs about Dying


A young woman who has all but lost the battle with cancer is blogging about her experience.

In a recent post, she describes the moment doctors told her that she was not responding well to treatment.

In a Facebook post she wrote, “I’m not writing a blog post as I don’t have the effort or ability right now but sadly today we’ve been given the worst news imaginable.

“Sadly, the doctors have decided there’s no more chemo for me and the liver is winning this fight and I am losing.”

Hannah Lyson was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May last year when she was 19 years old.  Initially, doctors thought she had irritable bowel syndrome, but tests revealed five tumours growing on her liver and bowel.

She underwent surgery to have part of her bowel removed and was fitted with a colostomy bag.

Miss Lyson’s Blog

When she first received the news, Miss Lyson started writing a blog entitled, ‘Hannah’s Bowel Cancer Journey’ showing how she was going to fight the disease.

In part her confidence was seeing two of her sisters successfully recover from thyroid cancer and leukaemia.

On Friday, she broke the news that she was not responding to treatment.  She added, “I’ve tried so hard and me and my family are absolutely distraught so please respect our privacy during this time.

“Maybe at some point I will write a blog post but right now I’m now feeling up to it.”

Sadly, this contrasts last year when she was hopeful of beating the illness.  In a September blog post she wrote about her boyfriend who was helping her cope.

“It’s been a whirlwind few months. At first my doctors were unsure but now they are feeling more positive. My outlook is much better and I feel sure I can beat this.

“I’m the first 19-year-old with bowel cancer at the hospital so my doctors are not sure how my body will react but I’m doing so well.”