Tasteless t-shirts making fun of missing Maddie McCann’s parents pulled from shopping sites


Despicable clothing branded with slogans poking fun at the parents of missing Madeleine McCann has been removed from sale. The t-shirts were being sold across the world, making sick jokes about the disappearance of the little girl in Portugal.

One top had the slogan “McCann’s Gym. For unfit parents.” In reference to the disappearance of Maddie, who vanished from an apartment while her parents were at a restaurant, it continues: “Creche facilities. Relax by the pool. Lose yourself in our tapas bar.”

Pieces of equipment for iPads along with stickers also had the same slogan on them. The items were being sold by an individual called Seve, through the Redbubble shopping site. The goods were described as “cruel but funny,” and they were aparently made with ethically sourced cotton.


Maddie was on holiday with her parents Gerry and Kate and her younger twin siblings. They were staying in the popular Praia da Luz resort on Portugal’s Algarve when she was allegedly snatched from her bed nine years ago. Her parents had been eating with friends at a nearby tapas bar when she vanished. The adults had been taking turns to check on the children every so often.

Detectives are now chasing down what they believe will be the last roll of the dice in the hunt for Maddie. They are looking into a theory that she was taken by European traffickers.

The operation to probe her disappearance has been given enough funding to keep going until April next year after a tip off that traffickers had taken photos of the three-year-old girl on a nearby beach just before she was tkane. That has led to the investigation being carried on for an extra six months. Her parents were given hope, which was quickly dashed, that a girl seen sleeping rought in Rome was Maddie, but her father came forward to identify her.