Suspect from Istanbul’s New Year’s Attack Comes Clean


Abdulgadir Masharipov, the Uzbek citizen who was arrested by Turkish authorities last Monday as a potential suspect to the Reina nightclub attack on New Year’ Eve that was carried out in Istanbul has just confessed to his crimes.

The gunman was responsible for the deaths of over 39 people from the nightclub attack, and wounded about 70 others.

Masharipov had carried out his attack apparently “in the name of ISIS,” according to Istanbul’s Governor Vasip Sahin, after the terrorist group had claimed full responsibility for the attack.

Masharipov had been located and arrested in the town of Esenyurt located in Istanbul, after the Turkish authorities had conducted a raid on the area last Monday.

Esenyurt consists of several migrants coming from countries within central Asia that were once former Soviet states.

The Confession They Wanted

Mr.Sahin said that as Masharipov was taken into custody, there was no exchange of gunfire at any point and that the Turkish authorities had not even used any lethal or non-lethal type of weaponry for his arrest.

Photos were released showing Masharipov’s face as it was filled with several bruises all over and was bleeding in some areas of his face.

Mr.Sahin claims that the suspect had “admitted his crime,” and that Masharipov had been previously been trained extensively in Afghanistan and actually speaks four different languages.

Mr.Sahin then added that the fingerprints from the crime scene matched the suspect at hand, but did not provide any additional details into the matter.

Still Need More Info

The Governor mentioned though that the interrogation process in general was considered somewhat new to them, and as they are still in the process of it at the moment, they will soon learn just as to who aided the suspect in the attack and how was it done.