Suspect Behind Berlin Attack Shot Dead in Milan


A Tunisian migrant, Anis Amri, 24, has been the main alleged suspect behind the lorry attack in a Christmas market in Berlin, and has been shot dead in the city of Milan.

Although the wide-spread manhunt can be considered over, newer troubles and worries have surfaced as ISIS has declared for more ‘bloodshed’ to be conducted in European countries.

Amri was shot by a novice from the Italian police, and his death came after an altercation at the Piazza l Maggio situated in Sesto San Giovanni.

Two officers had questioned him around 3 am following a suspicion for burglary, and when Amri was requested to show his identification, he shot one of the officers in his shoulder.

Can’t Run Too Far

Immediately the novice Luca Scata opened fire at Amri, killing him on the spot. Marco Minniti, the Italian Minister of Interior responded about the incident saying Amri has been considered as the most wanted person in the continent of Europe, and there seems to be no speculation or uncertainty that the man killed is indeed Anis Amri.

However authorities were astounded in just how this wanted man had somehow managed to flee from Berlin and make it all the way to Milan as the hunt for him had currently been ongoing.

Bigger Worries Now

Within just a span of several hours after Amri had been killed, Amaq, the news support agency tied to ISIS showed a video to the public in which it was shown that Anis Amri had pledged his allegiance to the leader of the extremist group, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

Within the video Amri stated with a worrying tone that so called ‘crusaders’ of Europe will be killed and requested from all Muslims currently presiding in European countries to act now and perform their duties in order to protect their religion.