Supermoon set to be biggest for a generation


This month’s supermoon is set to be a treat for sky gazers, as the biggest since 1948.
The moon will look so big as it will be closer than it has been to the earth for almost 70 years.
While the dust settles on the hotly contested presidential election, people across the globe have a once in a lifetime event to look forward to, when they look to the skies at the biggest, most spectacular supermoon in decades.
The incredible lunar close up is the result of the moon’s elliptical orbit and the position of the earth and the sun.
When the sun, moon and the earth line up in the sky with the sun sitting on the opposite side of the earth from the moon, it creates a full moon.
When you combine that with the closest moon for seven decades, it creates a supermoon which usually looks around 14 per cent bigger and much brighter than a normal full moon.
While this year has already seen several supermoons, the upcoming one on November 14 will be the biggest since 1948.
While the moon takes a trip around the earth once a month, because its orbit is egg shaped rather than round, it is not always the same distance away from our planet.
When the moon gets so close, it has incredible effects on the earth, creating much stronger tides.
On Halloween, the moon was sitting further away from the earth than it will be during 2016, while it will be the closest it has been on November 14.
According to NASA, the full moon will not be this near earth again until November 25, 2034.
Also traditionally known as a Beaver Moon, the supermoon is so called because it happens during a period when hunters used to set beaver traps.
Prime viewing time to see the supermoon is expected to be from 7pm when it will be the very closest to earth.
However, it will still be very clear overnight. Those who want to see it at its finest are advised to get away from areas of light pollution so they can witness just how bright it will be.
The next opportunity to see a supermoon will come on December 13. While it will not be as large or bright as the moon in November, it will still be an impressive celestial sight. Google advices guest post service for its google news services.