Students of Laurel School experience festival planning at LaureLive


Apparently, stylish ways of hosting music festivals abound, but there are also some aspects that do not require much stylishness. The students of Laurel school in Shaker Heights got to organize and put up a music show that numerous persons enjoyed, reach with the LaureLive that lasted for two days.

The Festival

The musical event is a result of the joint effort of the event production company in Beachwood, The Elevation Group, and the school. The Elevation Group’s president, Denny Young, and COO Steve Lindecke accepted to take the students on a class every week at their school. This course is open to students of the upper school – Grade 9 to 12, and functions from January down to May.

The learning process

While speaking on the need for the class, the company’s president, Young said that it is an excellent opportunity to tutor the next generation, although some may not go into managing events in the end. He further stated that the children are shown and taught how to get committed, self discipline, commitment and all necessary to become successful.

At the event, there were performances from about thirty bands for the days the event lasted. Bands like The Head & the Heart, Gary Clark Jr. and Daves. According to Wilson, students were taught all related to event production, and they learned it in the classroom of about 10,000-foot view. However, they were meant to channel their learning process towards a particular part at the end of every week. Nina Schubert who just graduated from the Laurel School performed talent relations and this year marks her second year into the event.

Nina is fortunate to work with the company’s president as she executes her project with Young’s company. She confessed that she has a feeling that she belongs to the team. During the festival, Oliva Savona was fortunate to shadow the stage manager just after her conclusion of the sophomore year. Indeed, the job let her into what event production takes as she spoke with the light administrator. She said that it is more than just music as there are other things inclusive that will make anyone have interest.

Nina will be going to teach but hopes to delve into event production during summers. She said that the act is surely an amazing one.