Steven Haines, 54, Receives $1.15 Million In Compensation After Having The Wrong Testicle Removed By Surgeon


A man received a compensation of $A1.15 million after his wrong testicle had been removed by his urologist. Steven Haines, 54-years-old, had been suffering chronic pain in his right testicle for around 15 years, before he visited the clinician.

He consulted urologist Dr. Spencer 4 years ago, the doctor indicated surgery to remove the diseased testicle. The operation was performed at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, unfortunately the doctor removed Mr. Haines normal left testicle.

Mr.Haines was infuriated by the result of the operation and sued the surgeon. Court filings show Long wrote in a post-operative report that “it appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one”.

The Verdict

A Huntingdon County jury ruled in favor of Haines and awarded him $815,000 for pain and suffering, and $330,000 for physical damages. The urologist was found to be “reckless” by the jury for removing Haines’ healthy testicle.

Haines remains in pain and has a “debilitating fear” of going for surgery after the medical malpractice he had suffered, as stated by Haines lawyer.

“The conduct of the doctor during the surgery indicated he had no idea which testicle he was removing.” his lawyer said.

“Steve had the right testicle pain for 15 years before he went to see Dr. Long. He wanted to relieve the pain.”

“Four years later Steve continues to have the pain. He’s had more frequent pain.”

Thanks to the urologist recklessness, if Haines have his troubled right testicle removed, he will have to undergo testosterone replacement therapy for the remaining of his life, as it’s the last source of natural testosterone in his body. He hopes to go on with the required surgery and be able to pull through the understandable fear from the previous surgery he’s had before.