Soon, All Private Data Will Be The Only Way To Enter U.S.A


The executive order focused on banning six majority Muslim countries from the traveling to the U.S, issued last month by the president, seems to not fully satisfy his concept of scrutiny on foreigners.

The mandate caused an uproar in all countries in the world as well as on the local level, which saw citizens taking the initiative the Supreme Court to halt it and mark it unconstitutional.

Mr. Trump is pushing in the same direction, insisting on his xenophobic approach, lobbying the extension of the vetting process of immigrants to unprecedented means and processes.

The discussions surrounding the new legislation are “mind blowing” in the eyes of experts and analysts, as they would clash with American values and damage the image the country has been built upon.

More scrutiny is the “solution”

In midst of the security crisis facing the world, considering the ravaging rise of sophisticated extremist entities, most states are considering vigilant procedures to filter incoming foreigners. The U.S administration, embodied in the head of Oval Office and his senior advisors, are intending to initiate unparalleled practices to refine the incoming “aliens”. A proposed mechanism would allow authorities, in order to ensure the fitting criteria of acceptance of American values, to be granted access to all digital data; including social media passwords, browsing history, media activity and phone contacts.

Century old image damaged

The above mentioned scheme is in conflict with the very essence of the U.S Constitution and core values of the global power. The anti-immigrant stance taken by the new leader of the nation creates unprecedented instability in a country founded and built by the very same faction of people he is targeting. These policies are creating many questions about the future of millions of residents in the country and on the international level puts the country in a position of “racist” image that is unusual for its citizens.